In today’s increasingly dynamic, internationally connected and competitive world, building strong networks is not only an admirable tradition for uni- versities and schools. Leveraged academic communities are critical resources for success, which condition: students placement, graduates success, university donations, and much more!

MissingLINK is a collaborative platform for universities aimed at leveraging the academic community and reinforcing the bonds between the different stakeholders: students, graduates, experts, researchers, foundations, associations, etc., which offers an easy and targeted solution to identify and access to the right person in this rich community – one that holds concrete solutions to the challenges and projects you have.

Meanwhile, our platform offers a unique edge in today's always more international and competitive educational landscape,
as your school's network is its most precious asset!


Create a simple profile, with the most important information for collaboration: your skills, interests, companies network, personal offers and needs.

Broadcast your specific needs and publish requests, projects or events to your community.


Identify and contact the people in the community with the solutions to your immediate personal or project needs.

Keep an eye on what is happening in your community, whether it is on the campus or in the industry.

Gain visibility and rewards through your contributions to the community.


Reinforce your academic network and gain engagement from your students and graduates.

Keep track of your alumni and maintain stronger links with the industry.

Educate your students to networking and increase their placement, as well as the career development of your graduates.


Our team, composed of Canadian and French entrepreneurs, has experience in academic and industrial R&D, technology transfer and business development. Therefore we have experienced firsthand the need for a comprehensive institutional network and expertise marketplace. That's why we decided to take the challenge of creating an efficient answer to the actual academic need.

Jean-Michel Beaudoin

Intrapreneur with more than 10 years of international professional experience in the IT field, he is today President of the HEC MBA’s student association (AEMBA). In this position, he established strong bilateral relationships with numerous international student associations, schools and related networks.

Lauris Bonnet

Engineer with more than 7 years of experience in complex industrial project management, he assumed the position of Director of Entrepreneurship in the AEMBA, in charge of establishing relationships between the HEC’s MBA and the main actors in the field of entrepreneurship in Montreal.

Daniel Tardif

Engineer with more than 10 years of experience as Analyst-Programmer and Business Analyst in the IT consulting field, Daniel was formerly VP IT for the AEMBA. He brings his knowledge and expertise of IT solutions development and operations within the team.

Simon Turcotte

Experienced Biotech researcher who spent several years in the Silicon Valley and participated to the launching of a startup, Simon has developed a strong professional network with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The strong proficiency he developed in Marketing through his past experience will be key to the team.


While most of the existing solutions are focusing on building repositories of people or are directly targeting specific outcomes from the network, such as students’ employment, fund-raising, etc., MissingLINK is different!

Our solution puts the creation of strong academic communities at the center of the approach. Indeed, MissingLINK multiplies collaboration opportunities, and collaboration is known for reinforcing the community, while generating even more new opportunities, etc., once you are offering the right tools that enable the creation of an active community. Combibed with a B2B business model, selling to universities, we guarantee a strong coverage of the community and a strong integration within academic processes from day 1.

All that with an elegant and easy to use collaborative platform, have a look!

MissingLINK Ventures Ltda.

Based in Chile,
Present in Chile, Canada and France.


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